Esther Windsor

Heart of Glass

Reza Aramesh, Dave Beech, Richard Billingham, Ellen Cantor, Christopher Chiappa, Cornford and Cross, Corinne Day, Margarita Glutzberg, Gordon MacDonald, Gregorio Pagliaro, Lucia Helenka, Jamie Robinson, Dallas Seitz, Clare Strand, Macdonaldstrand, Guy Richards Smit, Heather Sparks, Gavin Turk

10 Back Hill

Curated by Esther Windsor

30.10.2001 - 7.11.2001

'Love has to be remade like life. It is and longs to be always kept as marvellous.'
Andre Breton: Mad Love: 1937

'Heart of Glass' is a group show opening a new space, 'mirror' at The London college of Printing, Back Hill, Clerkenwell. Including new work and new artists, mirror will profile a diversity of contemporary photographic practice within a critical context. Taken from the Blondie song title it makes reference to 1978 and Situationism, present in the punk movement including free will and its fragility. The artists have been chosen for their compressed dramas of intimate realism and the exhibition combines raw, funny, blasphemous, obscene, romantic and pop imagery.

Reza Aramesh Dave Beech Richard Billingham Ellen Cantor Christopher Chiappa Cornford and Cross Corinne Day Margarita Glutzberg Gordon MacDonald Gregorio Pagliaro Lucia Helenka Jamie Robinson Dallas Seitz Clare Strand Macdonaldstrand Guy Richards Smit Heather Sparks Gavin Turk

Information on the Artists

Reza Aramesh is a mixed media artist who has shown at Cell and Mandarina Duck, London. He has a forthcoming exhibition ' what if I told the truth', Cell and has been nominated for Beck's Futures and the Citibank prize.

Dave Beech is a Manchester based artist and a regular writer for Art Monthly. Recent shows include Collective gallery, Trade Apartment, The Instuit for Nutidskunst, Copenhagen and Tate Modern.

Richard Billingham will be showing video work and is currently showing at the Tate Britain as a Turner Prize nominee.

Ellen Cantor has shown extensively internationally and had a recent one person exhibition 'Be My Baby' at Delfina, London.

Christopher Chiappa is a New York artist, showing new work. His recent solo shows include Fredericks Freiser Gallery, Jessica Fredricks Gallery, with group shows at: Exit Art, Sara Melzer Gallery, NYC and the waiting room and Modem Art, UK.

Cornford and Cross is a collaboration from St Martins and the RCA. Previous shows include; Downtown Arts Festival NYC, ISEA, Liverpool, Cap Gemini Art Prize, ICA and East International. Forthcoming shows include University of the Arts, Philadelphia and The Photographers Gallery.

Corinne Day has shown extensively internationally and has recently had a one person show at The Photographers' Gallery.

Gordon MacDonald is an independent curator and artist and has exhibited at The Hassleblad Center, the Aries festival, France, Shoreditch Biennale, The Imago Festival, NMPFT, Bradford, Dazed and Confused gallery, London

Gregorio Pagliaro is a London based artist and RCA graduate whose shows include Shoreditch Biennale, Trade Apartment and Hoax.

Lucia Heienka is showing new photographic work. Past shows include Suspension, Shoreditch Biennale. One Dot Zero at ICA. She is also currently showing at Yerba Beuna Centre for the Arts San Francisco and will be having a solo show at X Centrum Gallery, Pilszena Czech Republic.

Jamie Robinson is a painter and photographer who has shown at the waiting room and Cell, UK and has published a book 'I love You' to be launched at Zwemmer, London in November 2001.

Dallas Seitz is a London based video installation artist. Shows include: Flip side gallery, New York, VTO, London, Harcourt House Gallery, Canada and will be showing in a group exhibition at Great Eastern Hotel, London, 2002.

Clare Strand is currently artist in residence at LCP, Back Hill and recent shows include: The Hassleblad Centre, Gothenburg, the Aries Festival, France, Septembre de la Photographie, Nice, Ikon Gallery, the first Shoreditch Biennale and a touring solo show, Seeing Red, venues included The Imago Festival, Salamanca and The NMPFT, Bradford.

Macdonaldstrand is a commercial collaboration showing in magazines and galleries, including Sleazenation, the DNER project and the Fat Boy Slim album cover.

Guy Richards Smit is a new York artist. Recent solo shows include Tm mean because I like you' at Vorkamer, Belguim and Sarah Melzer, NYC. Group shows include Queens Museum of Art, CCAC Institute, California and Palm Beach ICA. In the UK he has shown at the waiting room, is currently having a solo show at Nylon, London and will show at Team, NYC, 2002.

Heather Sparks has shown extensively in San Francisco, including Southern Exposure, New Langton, SF MOMA, Camerawork, Catherine Clark gallery. She has also shown at Noga gallery, tela vive, Silja Horn gallery, South Africa and will be showing in LA 2002.

Gavin Turk has shown extensively internationally and has a forthcoming solo show at The New Art Gallery, Walsall.