Esther Windsor

1000 000 mph project space
at Serpentine Gallery

Sat 16th  June 2007 Pimps and Hookers
Sun 17th June  Salon  12-6pm

as part of
Local Operations 23 May – 1 July 2007
T he Sackler Centre of Arts Education at the Serpentine Gallery
Free, first-come, first-served

contact Dallas Seitz and Esther Windsor or Ifyenika Kolla on the day


1000 000 mph has been invited by the Serpentine to hold an event over the weekend of 16/17 June at the Serpentine as part of Local Operations.  This a series of self-organised events, talks, screenings and workshops by writers, curators, theorists, independent groups, artist-led spaces and universities to complememt the exhibition Paul Chan: The 7 Lights.

American artist Paul Chan has achieved much international acclaim for his animations and installations that blend a novel drawing aesthetic with philosophical reflections on politics, war and life in the present tense.
See for details of the Paul Chan exhibition.

1000 000mph is holding artist based events on 2 exhibitions from 1000000mph project space over the last year, that have a social or directly political focus.  For both days events there will be visual documentation of artists projects and profiles, with some artists in attendance for discussion and where indicated to give presentations.

Saturday 16th JunePimps and Hookers.

Artists: Simon Bedwell, David Burrows and Simon O‘ Sullivan, Cedric Christie, Cullinan and Richards (Art Lab),  Adam Dant,  Anat Ben David,  Freee (Dave Beech, Mel Jordan, Andy Hewitt),  Liz Price. Curated by Esther Windsor.  Event hosted by Dallas Seitz and Ifyenika Koller

Pimps and Hookers has been chosen as a title for this group show to provoke questions regarding art’s subservience to newly emergent ‘creative industries’ and the subsequent institutionalisation and sexing up of ‘art’ in popular culture in the interests of capitalism. Culture has become recognized as a valid form of profit-making with the decline of traditional manufacturing industries. Culture industries are projected to be the future of Britain. From the art school to the dealer from cultural regeneration to the sweep of globalisation we are all in service to the movement and flow of capital.

Pimps and Hookers Timetable
Drop in session with rolling programme of screenings.

1.30 pm Dave Burrows screening
2.30 pm Liz Price screening
3pm discussion with artists present

Sunday 17th JuneSalon Artists: Iain Mckell, Sarah Baker, Arnaud Desjardin with Alex Sarginson, Stephen Jones‘Vague papers’ features: Jet, Jo Patterson, Chris Mcguigan, Amy Oliver, Hollie Moat, Kendra Frost, Espiria, Victor Bergen –Henegouwen, Jo Broughton, Editor in chief: Matthew Holroyd, Art Director Jacob T Nelson. Curated by Esther Windsor. Event hosted by Dallas Seitz and Ifyenika Koller

Salon originated from a fashion/ art salon and a collaboration with a new fashion journal Vauge papers, edited by Matthew Holroyd,and launched in 2007 London Fashion week.  Inevitably different discourses and intentions collide: Mckell, documenting the memorising beauty of a young girl and hyped model, Lilly Cole for big named fashion houses and Italian Vogue in seductive saturated colours, alongside archive early images of girls from Weymouth and skinheads from kings Cross. While Sarah Baker, a satirical mimic of materiality and MTV culture, wrote fetish like on her own female body, complete with mirrored sunglasses, leopard skin and gold, shown in the style of fly posting; Desjardin, also using his own image, referring to masculinity, feminised, ready for consumption and branding, which was faintly scandalous in 1968 a time of great political change in France, but now familiar in the myth of the great fashion house and the contemporary ease with which the masculine body is also objectified.

Salon Timetable
12 -1 drop in session and images from all artists
1-2 Matthew Holroyd. showreel of Vague Paper and artists
2-3 Sarah Baker presentation and questions
3-4 Arnaud Des Jardin presentation or showreel and questions/discussion
4-6 Iain Mckell screenings, presentation and questions/discussion
– conclusion with all artists.