Esther Windsor


Love to Love You

18 Nov – 18 Dec 2005
Private View Fri 5 Oct 6-9pm

1000000mph project space

open Mon-Fri. 12 - 6pm

59 Old Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6QA

Curated by Esther Windsor

'Making friendships and losing friendships, the photographs are reminders of the people who come and go' says Jet.

Jet's photographs for her first solo show include large scale, colour snapshots selected from a catalogue over five years. They represent and commemorate a diary of friends who are like a family. Aware of the cliche of photography as 'the everyday' or 'confessional', the show takes its title from 'Love to Love you Baby' by Donna Summer as a self conscious reference to loving people she takes photos of and falling in love with them, photographing them.

Taking photos for me is a social but also lonely process: I have developed a style of taking 'snaps' by being involved with the person I am with, yet also being slightly removed. It is a necessary thing to do to be aware of what is around me.'

Included are her photos of Chicks on Speed, which offer a glimpse of the girl band and an alternative life style but also sober and sometimes shared moments, discovered on personal journeys. Ordinary in subject and extraordinary in their unwavering scrutiny and defiance, Jet presents work where the clash of night and day, the comfort of safety and excitement of adventure, could seem at odds with each other. Yet they embrace a respect for individuality and community and a reminder of the value of the unknown.

Jet's work has previously been included in a group show 'Diamonds for Workers' 2005, at Kate MacGarry, 95-97 Redchurch Street London E2 7DJ

Esther Windsor